Small Charity Spotlight: The Puzzle Centre

My name is Jessica and I am the Fundraising Officer for Puzzle Centre.  

My role includes raising awareness for the charity in the local community and online. We are really excited to be taking part in Small Charity Week this year as we want everyone to hear about the amazing work we are doing to support young children and their families.  

Small Charity Week

We love Small Charity Week at Puzzle! In the past we have used it for social media competitions and street stalls and collections. This year we are getting involved with Small Charity week to get our supporters interacting with our social media and encouraging them to shout about why they love us! On Saturday 22nd June – Celebration day, 10 brave supporters are taking part in an Abseil for Autism. They are taking on the tallest permanent abseil tower in the world all to raise funds for Puzzle Centre.

So what is Puzzle Centre?

Puzzle Centre is a charity that promotes and delivers early intervention for young children with autism or communication difficulties and provides training and outreach to families and practitioners throughout the UK. We truly believe that every child with autism or other communication difficulties should have access to prompt, appropriate and high quality education, therapy and support.

How do we do this?

We have a number of different services that support our children and their families as well as professionals throughout the UK:

  • Specialist early intervention nursery

For 2-5 year olds. Based in Buckinghamshire

  • Outreach Services

For families across the UK (from two to 11 years) helping them in the home or within a school or nursery setting through, offering assessment and support packages including SCERTS, Speech & Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy. Learn more about SCERTS

  • Training

For parents and professionals throughout the UK

We thought you might like to read some of our success stories!

“The transformation in our little boy has been amazing. When he came to you 18 months ago he was signing and had no speech.  We are so lucky to have found you. The setting is amazing and the early intervention you provide was just what we needed.  The low arousal, highly visually structured environment and knowledgeable caring staff have been instrumental in his amazing progress. He is now a little chatterbox and has much less challenging behaviour thanks to the strategies you have taught us.”

“I just wanted to let you know that we saw the doctor this morning who was thrilled at (my son’s) progress. He said that he was doing brilliantly and it was fantastic to hear (my son) talk, sing and count my fingers up to 10. He said that (my son’s) speech is functional and interactive, and that it is rare for this to happen with a child in such circumstances. I wanted to share this with you and to give you our thanks, again, because I know it wouldn’t be possible without your great work”.

“We have used Puzzle’s Outreach Service for over two years.  In that time, the Outreach team has provided much needed specialist support to not only our little boy, but also to us and to his mainstream nursery setting.  The team has taken the time to really try to understand (my son) as an individual and have always been very proactive in its ongoing assessment of his needs, constantly adapting and tailoring their approach to meet those needs in both a sympathetic and empathetic way.  When we first started working with Puzzle, he was very much cocooned in his own little world but, thanks to the team’s input, we have found new ways to engage with our son, who is now far more keen and better able to engage with the world around him.  One of our biggest concerns was that he should be able to develop social interaction skills and be able to build relationships and make friends.  We now have much more confidence that he has what it takes to do this and the result is an overall happier child”

Moving Forwards

We have some big fundraising targets and are always looking for individuals and organisations who want to get involved and support us.

You can also like us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram and Twitter.

Learn more about what Puzzle Centre’s does and to read about some of our upcoming events

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