NCVO: Charity Governance Code

The new version of the Charity Governance Code was launched in the summer of 2017. It provides charities with a clear set of principles and practice for high performance in governance. The code is intentionally aspirational and stretching. It comes in two versions, one for larger charities above a million pounds income a year and one for smaller charities with less than a million income a year.

The overwhelming feedback and evidence we at NCVO have seen since 2017 is that those that use the Code have found it to be helpful framework for improving governance. Yet, when listening to our smallest of members, those with less than £100,000 a year income with no paid staff, we have found that although they subscribe strongly to the principles set out in the code, they also tell us that not all of the practice applies neatly in their context. The are having to justify not implementing areas of recommended practice and some have also found it challenging to know where to start without the support of paid staff.

We have listened to this feedback and are pleased to launch a new toolkit, designed to help micro charities implement the codes principles. As a rule of thumb, for the purpose of this tool we have defined ‘micro’ as meaning charities with an income of less than £100,000 per year with no paid staff. The toolkit mirrors the Charity Governance Code, describes the kind of practice a micro organisation should aspire to implement and shares links to lots of free tools and resources. Our hope is that this will make the jobs of the dedicated and committed trustees of the smallest charities easier.  

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